Stixer Inc is an online Fashion store with jewellery, clothing ans accessories. We try to carry all the latest fashion trends and styles.

Shopping is easy and safe with a variety of payment options.

Stixer Inc was started in 2014, since then we have just grown and grown.

We are now not only importers of High quality Jewellery but Clothing as well. We also have a sister company Stixer inc- Lifestyle. This new side of Stixer Inc will import 4x4 accessories and anything that you need to have the best and exciting lifestyle in our beautiful country!

We at Stixer Inc offer high-quality jewellery at affordable prices. Our items are handcrafted by talented artisans from all over the world. We have everything in stock and we will send you your order as soon as the payment have been received.

Peruse our stunning collection of unique jewellery pieces... perfect for special occasions or just to spoil yourself!

Our Jewellery is flattering, delicately shaped so as not to overpower, perfectly accents your beauty and taste

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  • chic
  • dainty
  • refined
  • minimalistic
  • aristocratic
  • ornate
  • luxurious
  • clean-lined